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The Beach & Saundersfoot

Saundersfoot beach is lovely and sandy nestled between Tenby in the west and Amroth in the east. Easily accessible with abundant car parking the beach is the proud bearer of a Blue Flag. This internationally recognised eco-label recognises the need for sustainable development and the highest standards of water quality.

The beach and harbour have a fascinating history. In the 1860s sheltered from the western winds it was connected by tramways to an extensive network of coalmines. The high quality anthracite was used on the Royal Yacht. Queen Victoria was so impressed with its smokeless qualities that she insisted no other coal should be used when she was on board.

In addition to its mining heritage the armed forces have always been an integral part of Saundersfoot life. Admiral’s House has been the focal point for this since the late nineteenth century. The Beach became the centre of attention for this during the summer of 1943 with Operation Jantzen. This involved over 100,000 Allied troops preparing for the invasion of Normandy the following year.

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